This session focused on Move Around More

  • Get at least 30 minutes of exercise on most days of the week
  • Know the benefits of physical activity to your health:  improves blood pressure control, increases good cholesterol, and lowers blood sugars


Project Training Materials

Training Session 3 Agenda
Training Session 3 Presentation by Dr. Penny Ralston
Introduction of Message, "Move Around More" by Dr. Jennifer Lemacks
Individual Strategies for Increasing Physical Activity by George A Clark III
Church-based Strategies for Increasing Physical Activity by Elder Marva and Clyde Preston
Developing a Church Health Ministry presented by Dr. Iris Young-Clark
Health Check Report Card
Health Check Report Card Instructions by Dr. Iris Young-Clark
Summary of Resources & Advanced Knowledge Resources
HHU Lead Speakers Contact Information 


Make-up Documents

Training Session 3 Make up Assignment


For more information about the trainings and make-ups, please contact:
Penny A. Ralston, Ph.D.,, (850) 645-8110

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