Strengthening Scientific Preparation for Students in the Human Sciences is a collaborative partnership that was initially funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)1890 Capacity Building Grant Program. The program, which includes two comprehensive research universities and five Historically Black Colleges and Universities HBCUs), is comprised of the following institutions: Alabama A&M University, Alcorn State University, Florida State University, Fort Valley State University, Iowa State University, South Carolina State University and Southern University. The program exposes undergraduate students to research and graduate education, enhance sfaculty research and professional development, and strengthens relationships among the university partners. Previously, SciencPrep was funded from 2000–2003 through a USDA Challenge Grant. The program continues through using in-kind sources to further the goals of the partnership.

SciencPrep University Partners and Team Members

Alabama A&M University 
Dorothy Brandon, Ph.D.
Alcorn State University 
Grace Prowell, Ph.D.
Florida State University 
Penny Ralston, Ph.D. & Iris Young-Clark, M.S.
Fort Valley State University 
Vivian Fluellen, M.S. & Linda Johnson, Ph.D.
Iowa State University 
Cheryl Hausafus, Ph.D.
HausafusSouth Carolina State University 
Ethel Jones, Ph.D.
Southern University 
Cheryl Atkinson, Ph.D.

SciencPrep ShowCase

The SciencPrep ShowCase provides students with the opportunity to explore graduate education and research through interactive sessions with the faculty and students in the College of Human Sciences. Students’ research is highlighted, including oral and poster presentations, during Research and Creativity Day. Previous SciencPrep Research Interns present their research at this event.

SciencPrep Research Internship

The SciencPrep Internship is a summer residential program where, under the guidance of a faculty advisor, students develop a research project. Students learn the research process and strengthen their communication and critical thinking skills. Currently, the internship is coordinated through the Center on Better Health and Life for Underserved Populations. We seek student interns on an ongoing basis.

Previous SciencPrep Research Interns

Jameshyia BallardAlcorn State University “Protecting Consumer Confidence: Species Identification of Raw and Cooked Fish Species using Isoelectric Focusing”

Gabrielle BryantAlcorn State University “The Dose Dependent Effects of Blueberry in Prevention of Ovariectomized Induced Bone Loss”

Brittany FosterAlabama A&M University “Factors that Influence the Dietary Behavior of African Americans Adolescents from Single Parent Households”

Bransha GardnerSouthern University “Evaluating the Older American’s Knowledge of Vitamin B12 at a Congregate Meal Site”

Shannon HollisFort Valley State University“Healthy Living: What Factors influence African American Families Attitudes toward Healthy Living while Attending College”

Priscilla Abdur-RahmanFort Valley State University "Living Environment: Related to persons with Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Carmen BlakelySouth Carolina State University “Fashion Interest, Store or Nonstore Preference and Level of Clothing Expenditure for African American and Caucasian Consumer."

Daphnne BonaparteSouth Carolina State University “The Effect of Weight on Academic Performance.”

Adelaide HuntleyAlabama A&M University “Helping Elementary School Children with ADHD Develop Friendships”

Latasha T. JohnsonSouth Carolina State University"Steps for a New You: The Effectiveness of a Health Intervention in a Beauty Salon for African American Women"

Jarvia LesterFort Valley State University “Investigation of Comfort of Nonwoven Textiles for the Medical Field.”

Irish O’NealAlcorn State University “The Attachment Debate: Whether Infants Can Bond in Daycare as well as in Homecare.”

Joycelyn MackFort Valley State University “The Body-Image on the Cusp of Adolescent: A Qualitative Study of Body-Image Concerns & Influences in the Lives of Female African American Preadolescents.”

April MayAlcorn State University 'The Relationship Between Preschool Children’s Sense of Humor, Popularity and Rejection.”

Kathryn McInvaleFort Valley State University “Does Starting a Pedometer Guided Walking Program Alone Affect the Dietary Patterns of Adult Men and Woman in Rural Georgia?”

Ashley PateFort Valley State University"Programs Available to Young Adults Aging Out of Foster Care: A Review"

Lena PinkstonSouth Carolina State University “How Can a Retailer Satisfy a Female Consumer while Securing Her Loyalty?

Valerie ShullAlabama A&M University“The Relationship between Calcium Intake and Body Mass Index in Undergraduate African American Women at Alabama A&M University”

Amy StevensSouth Carolina State University“Dietary Supplement use by Athletes at a Historically Black University”

Kolenda ThomasFort Valley State University “Will Diet Intervention Change the Eating Habits of Incoming Freshman?”

Nina WashingtonSouth Carolina State University 'Parents’ Perception of their Multi-Racial Children’s Well-being.”

Ashley WintersSouthern University “The Effects of Mandatory School Uniforms on Academic Performance”

Shante’ WilliamsFort Valley State University“Preservation of Mangoes in the Underdeveloped Country of West Africa”

Shalonda WyattAlcorn State University “Parental Engagement and the Development of Alphabet Understanding in Preschool Children”


SciencPrep Publications

Davis, K., Johnson, L., Ralston, P., Fields, M.E., Young-Clark, I., Colyard, V., Fluellen, V., & Rasco, M. (2010, in press). Perceptions, experiences, and use of resources as selected HBCU students transition to graduate school and professional roles in family and consumer sciences. Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal.

Ralston, P., Floyd, K., Fluellen, V., Colyard, V., Fields, E., Rasco, M., & Bell, J. (2004). The SciencPrep Project: Strengthening scientific preparation of diverse undergraduates.Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences. 96(3), 16-23.

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